Posted by: ISPP JSC | March 17, 2010

Call for JSC Nominations

It feels like just yesterday that the JSC was seeking nominations for this year’s committee. Alas, it is that time once again. We are looking for junior scholars in political psychology who are interested in propelling the field forward and wish to contribute directly to our efforts.

Are you still not quite sure what the JSC does? Have you ever thought to yourself that ISPP is your favorite academic society and you’d like to be more involved? What about thinking that you have something unique and valuable to offer ISPP but no creative outlet has appeared? If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you are a junior scholar, then you should consider nominating yourself to become a part of ISPP’s Junior Scholars Committee (JSC).

The JSC serves the needs of ISPP’s younger membership: students, recent graduates, and new faculty (who have received their degree within the last eight years) from all over the world. We need fellow junior scholars to aid us in our quest to support one another and help navigate the sometimes murky, sometimes calm waters in the life of an academic. Positions in the committee are described below:

Chair-elect: Working under the current chair, the person in this position learns the ins and outs of the JSC in preparation for taking the lead the following year. Duties as chair include writing reports to the Governing Council, overseeing the junior scholar budget, and representing the interests of junior scholars in ISPP. The third year of service is in the capacity of chair ex-officio.

Newsletter Co-Editor: Solicits articles and announcements for the Junior Scholars newsletter published two-three times a year.

Blog Co-Editor: Manages and maintains the JSC Blog, soliciting blog posts from other JSC members and junior scholars.

Web Resources Editor: Manages all web-related aspects such as the bibliography and syllabus archives, and other relevant postings to the JSC website.

Professional Development Co-Coordinator: Focuses energy on organizing JSC roundtables at the annual scientific meeting. Works to provide resources and information regarding all things professional development, including teaching, publishing, and job searching.

Mentoring Co-coordinator: Solicits participation in the mentoring program and works to match mentors with mentees.

In addition, all JSC members are encouraged – but not required – to attend ISPP’s annual summer conference.

Each nominee will be considered for an anticipated two-year term (except chair-elect which is a three year commitment); the JSC will always have half of its members in their first year of service and half in their second year. In addition, to make our committee more representative of ISPP’s membership, we are looking for representatives from every continent: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

To nominate yourself, please submit the following to:

* A brief statement of your interest in the JSC (no more than 150 words)

* An abbreviated CV (no more than 2 pages that includes only your name, education, discipline, current status as student or faculty, and committee experience in ISPP or elsewhere)

Please send your JSC nomination materials to no later than 23 April 2010. A selection committee comprised of three JSC members and 2 Governing Council members will review the applications.

The new JSC for 2010-2011 will be announced in May. The new term begins at the end of the annual meeting in July. Feel free to email us with any questions – the current JSC members are happy to assist you in any way possible. Thank you for your interest and good luck!


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