Posted by: nucleargal | November 23, 2010

Call for Proposals: History, Memory & US Foreign Relations conference (Dublin)

History, Memory and US Foreign Relations
8-10 April 2010
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 14 January 2011
Clinton Institute for American Studies, University College Dublin

The construction of personal, collective or institutional memory has a profound influence on our understanding of the world. This conference seeks to explore the struggle for the construction, possession and interpretation of historical memory in the context of US foreign relations. We invite papers and panels that explore any aspect of the confluence of memory and US foreign relations, broadly defined. The conference is particularly, but not exclusively, interested in how people, cultures and societies remember, forget and distort the past, how those memories affect present thoughts and actions, and how policymakers use memory in their decision-making. Within that framework, possible topics could include but are not limited to

The sites and locations of collective memory: if collective memory exists, where is it located? How do symbols and ritual acts help Americans reach consensus on their past interactions with the world?

Agents of cultural production and memory: how have writers, artists, musicians and media figures memorialized and understood American foreign relations?

Constructed narratives: how do the constructed meta-narratives of America’s role in the world relate to current policies?

Forgotten and silenced memories: what are the gaps and silences in collective memory of American foreign relations?

Memory and decision-making: How do policymakers (at Presidential level and below) mediate their personal experiences with broader collective memory and how does this affect their decision-making process?

Organizational lessons learned processes and memory: how do organizations, such as the State Department and Department of Defence, process lessons and how does this process affect collective memory? Conversely, how does collective memory itself affect the lesson-learning process?

We invite single paper and panel proposals for this conference. Please send an email to with the following information:

1. Name, contact details and academic affiliation
2. Paper title
3. 200-300 word abstract
4. Brief CV or biographical statement

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 14 January 2011

For queries or further information contact:
Dr. David Fitzgerald
Clinton Institute for American Studies
Belfield House
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
+353 1 716 1592


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