Posted by: ISPP JSC | November 26, 2010

2nd C-SPI Limerick, 28-29 April 2011

The Department of Psychology and the Centre of Social Issues, at University of Limerick is organizing a second Conference on Social Psychology in Ireland (C-SPI):

A Two-Way Street: Social Issues & Social Psychological Research”.

Submissions for presentations, posters or symposia should focus on
 Immigrant & Indigenous Minorities
 Political Identities, Conflicts & Conformity
 Community Challenges
 Social Factors and Health.

Each section will include a keynote lecture, a series of presentations and posters, a session where practitioners or representatives from community or governmental organizations present their activities, and a round-table discussion including social science and field experts discussing relevant social issues.

Keynote Speakers
Professor Maykel Verkuyten, European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Professor Evanthia Lyons, Centre for Research in Political Psychology (CResPP), Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Professor Catherine Campbell, Institute of Social Psychology, Health, Community & Development at London School of Economics, U.K.
Professor Paschal Sheerhan, Department of Psychology, Emotion Regulation of Others and Self, University of Sheffield, UK.

Please see the conference call with detailed information on application, program, registration, travel and accommodation.


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