Posted by: ISPP JSC | December 9, 2010

New Submission Types for Political Psychology

Besides continuing previous editors’ efforts to publish major articles of the highest quality within the field, the current editorial team of Political Psychology seeks to stimulate several streams of additional contributions, and to broaden and diversify the functions that Political Psychology serves for its readership. Specifically, they are soliciting the following types of papers in addition to the traditional full-length (9000 words) articles:

 1. Thematic review essays (max 6600 words)

Comprehensive overviews/meta‐reviews of classic and cutting edge research contributions on high‐salience topics within our field. Review articles should assess merits and knowledge gaps in the current state of the art, and proposes a coherent program for future research.

2. Research notes (about 4500 words)

These are short reports about exciting new research findings or cutting edge methods within the field that authors are keen to share in a timely fashion. There will be a fast‐track review process for these articles.

3. Debates and Dialogues (max 8000 words in total)

Political Psychology is keen to open its pages to well‐structured, high‐level debate/dialogue concerning the merits of key theories (e.g. system justification theory, social dominance theory) or methodological traditions (e.g., observational/ethnographic vs. at‐a‐distance analyses of political leaders; survey‐based vs. computerized process tracing studies of voter cognitions and emotions). It is also keen to publish contending analyses of important topical or historical political phenomena (e.g., truth and reconciliation commissions; the rise of women political leaders; elite decision making and psychology; the political significance of social networking technologies). Such debates or dialogues could take various forms (for example, one major article followed by briefer responses and rejoinders; or two equal‐length articles juxtaposed). For suggestions and consultation, please contact the editor.

4. Book review essays (max 3000 words)

These are designed to critically assess, respond to and advance further research into the terrain covered by new books in Political Psychology, that clearly have the hallmarks of a seminal study making a breakthrough contribution to the field. Before writing/submitting such an extensive book review essay, covering several books, potential contributors should discuss it with the editor of the journal.

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