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Association for Psychological Science (APS) Accepting Submissions

APS is currently accepting submissions for their 2011 conference in Washington, DC from May 25-29, 2011.

Deadline for Submission

Proposals must be completed and finalized by midnight Pacific Time January 31, 2011.

Proposal Review and Selection

All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by members of the Program Committee; reviewer assignments will be made based on the subject area selected by the submitter.

With all proposal formats, including posters, the Program Committee retains the right to request additional information, ask that changes be made to improve a presentation, or decline to schedule a presentation the Committee does not find relevant to the meeting or that does not follow the guidelines for submission. No changes can be made after proposals have been submitted unless the Committee has specifically requested that change.

All submitters will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of the submission on a rolling basis except for symposia submitters who will be notified via e-mail by mid-March, 2011. If the Program Committee recommends that a symposium submission be considered for a poster presentation instead, the submitter will be notified of this recommendation and each author will be offered the opportunity to present individual presentations as posters.

All submissions must represent completed work (i.e. do not submit a proposal if the data are still pending). Non-empirical research should not be submitted as a poster. Submissions should discuss research that has not been presented or published elsewhere.

Submitter Responsibilities

Only the person who submits the proposal will receive correspondence relating to the submission. The submitter must notify all authors of the status of the proposal. The name of the proposal submitter will not appear in any program unless the submitter elects to be listed as an author. Submitter information is only used for communications about the submission, such as notification of acceptance or rejection of the proposal.

  1. The first author of a submission, whether or not s/he is attending the convention, must be an APS Member or APS Student Affiliate at the time of the presentation. Submitters do not need to be members to submit proposals or to have proposals reviewed.
  2. It is the responsibility of the submitter to inform fellow symposium participants or poster co-authors of their proposal status and other relevant information. Only the submitter will receive notification of the proposal’s acceptance and detailed information on scheduling and logistics, etc. The submitter must notify all presenters that they must be registered for the convention in order to present.
  3. The commitment of all participants must be secured in advance of proposal submission.
  4. An individual may be a first author on only one proposal. However, that individual may be a co-author/presenter on multiple poster proposals, and may participate in multiple symposia. (Exception: An individual may be the first author on a Teaching Institute poster as well as an APS presentation.)

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