Posted by: nucleargal | January 19, 2011

Call for Papers: Middle East Panorama special issue “Identity and Religion”

*Spring 2011 Call for Papers*

The editors of Middle East Panorama would like to announce a call for papers for the Spring 2011 edition of the student-run journal from the Middle East Center at the University of Utah. We welcome submissions from all disciplines, asking that they pertain theoretically, thematically, or geographically to the Middle East and North Africa.

This edition will focus on the theme of “Identity and Religion.” The issue of identity and religion raises many questions, including: What factors contribute to individual or communal identity? How does religion affect identity in the Middle East and the rest of the world? Has the concept of identity changed in recent years?

While we encourage submissions pertaining to “Identity and Religion,” as usual article selection will not be based solely on relevance to the theme. In addition to original scholarly articles, Middle East Panorama also welcomes submissions of book reviews of works published in or after 2007. If you wish to be added to a list of potential reviewers, please email a short bio with research interests (geographical location, time period etc.) to the email address below.

*Email submissions or queries by March 20, 2011 to:

Middle East PanoramaThe University of Utah


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