Posted by: ISPP JSC | June 1, 2011

Narrative and the Politics of Identity

ISPP Junior Scholar Committee (JSC) member Phil Hammack recently published a book on Israeli and Palestinian youth. This book has recevied positive reviews from major scholars in the field, including these:

From Dan McAdams (Northwestern University)

“This book marks the emergence of a brilliant new voice in cultural psychology. Phillip Hammack tells the stories of Palestinian and Israeli youth and shows how the master narratives that comprise their respective cultures shape personal identity and give meaning to individual lives, even as they perpetuate a deadly conflict of global significance. As a social scientist, Hammack offers an intellectual tour de force, filled with surprising theoretical insights and interpretations. And as a storyteller, he engages us on a profoundly emotional level.”

From Rick Shweder (University of Chicago)

“This brilliant book by an erudite psychologist is about the impact of group conflict on personal identity formation. This book forces us to recognize that well-intended person-to-person encounters between Israeli and Palestinian adolescents are not likely to produce love and understanding.”

To read a news story about the book:

To order the book:

From the Oxford University Press website:  (use code 29437 to get a 20% discount when you order from OUP)

From Amazon:


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