Posted by: nucleargal | June 29, 2011

Call for Proposals: Psychology Graduate Student Confernece on Community Research & Action

Call For Proposals
Conference Theme for 2011 Ecological and Community Psychology Conference:
“Community Research and Action: Rising to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century”

Deadline for proposal submission is July 31, 2011!

The community psychology graduate students at Georgia State University, in Atlanta, GA are hosting this year’s Southeastern Ecological and Community Psychology Conference (ECO) on October 14-15, 2011. The conference is entirely student run, has been held annually for more than thirty years, and is regularly attended by academics and students from across the southeast region. Our field emphasizes an understanding of the individual in his/her environment, and seeks to improve health and well-being by developing and implementing stratefgies that alter negative aspects of the environment, promote social justice, and help communities create social change

The conference will provide a venue to share research and discuss mutual interests among individuals from both applied and academic settings who are interested in community and social ecological issues. Proposals should focus on pressing issues and ways to overcome the unique challenges we face as community psychologists and other professionals devoted to working with, and helping to improve our communities in the 21st century. Such topics include but are not limited to:

•Gender and sexuality
•Poverty and homelessness
•Community capacity building
•Environmental concerns
•Public policy
•Youth and families
•Community well-being and empowerment
•Prevention and intervention programs
•Immigration and globalization

Central to our strategy is the recognition that we need to hear voices from all fields that share our goals. By fostering these connections with other disciplines we hope to generate a discussion of research and practice in the helping professions about how to deal with the unique challenges we face in the coming years. Please respond to our call for proposals or just attend the conference to listen and learn! We are excited to announce our keynote, Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky, a leader in the field of community psychology.

For more information please visit our website: or our Facebook page:


ECO Planning Committee

Contact: Rebecca Rodriguez
Phone: 419-966-3409


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