Posted by: ISPP JSC | August 18, 2011

Post-doc Political Behavior Research Group & Department of Political Science at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Political Behavior Research Group (PolBeRG) and the Department of Political Science at the Central European University (CEU), in Budapest, Hungary are jointly advertising a two-year experimental political research post-doctoral position to begin in the fall of 2012.
Level: Junior
Application deadline:Feb 1, 2012

Qualifications and Responsibilities

“We seek a candidate with a strong research agenda with a focus on experimental political research. PolBeRG’s interests lie in experimental research in political behavior, political psychology, political communication, public opinion, electoral and legislative politics but the call is open without restriction to anyone with an experimental political science research agenda. We seek someone who could advise and lead in setting up various small-scale experiments in a multiplicity of individual and team projects under the PolBeRG umbrella. Successful candidate will be expected to apply for research grants to fund collaborative PolBeRG projects and guest edit a special issue of the CEU Political Science Journal on experimental research. The newly established Department of Cognitive Science agreed to provide access to their experimental labs (subject to scheduling and availability). Successful candidate will be encouraged to take advantage of these facilities and help us develop a working relationship with the labs’ researchers. At the time of application, the candidate is expected to have a PhD or have defended their dissertation by the beginning of the position.”

For more information visit the Political Behavior Research Group website


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