Posted by: nucleargal | November 23, 2011

Call for Submissions: 14th Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes

14th Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes, June 28th – July 1st 2012, Germany
“Group and Identity (trans)formation – Analyzing the roots of what WE are”

Group membership is an essential aspect of our identity. Groups provide values, beliefs and norms for our behaviour. They define our place in society and differentiate us from others. While the effects of salient intergroup contexts have been extensively studied, the processes driving the formation of social groups and social identities are yet to be understood. Social categorization into “us” and “them” has long been regarded as the via regia for understanding shared social identities. However, we assume that processes emerging among individuals foster the formation of groups such as common action, mutual knowledge and coordination, and mutual recognition among others.

The aim of the 14th Jena Workshop is to bring together researchers who are interested in research that focuses on processes that help understanding why and how social groups form and transform. The workshop aims to stimulate further theorizing and empirical research in this field. In this context, we would like to discuss several questions, such as how do social groups emerge (e.g., social markers, communication between individuals, opinion-based groups)? Which factors facilitate or hinder group and identity formation (e.g., entitativity, cohesion, mutual recognition)? Which processes explain how people change identities (e.g., intergroup contact, leadership and entrepreneurs of identity)? Do group representations differ as a function of how its social identities form? What positive outcomes does group formation convey? How does group formation work in a global society (e.g., internet-based groups) and how can we stimulate identity formation that tackles societal problems (e.g., climate change) and other applied contexts (e.g., organizational mergers)?

Following the tradition of the Jena Workshops on Intergroup Processes, the format of this medium‐size meeting is single‐session, with a strong focus on intensive discussion of unresolved underlying issues reflected in the schedule. We want to highlight that “work-in-progress” is greatly valued, and preferred to summaries of already published data. The meeting will have about 35 participants. A central aim of this conference is to get together junior and senior researchers. Therefore, we encourage junior researchers to submit presentation proposals. Two participants per paper are welcome (e.g., a PhD student and her/his supervisor). The meeting will take place from June 28th – July 1st 2012 at Schloss Oppurg (Germany), a picturesque historical castle close to Jena and Weimar.

Researchers interested in participation are invited to submit a 200 word summary of their proposed presentation by February 28th, 2012, to Gerhard Reese ( A participation fee will be charged. In the preceding years, this fee was around 90€ for PhD Students, and 180€ for Post-Doc participants, including accommodation and full board. Gerhard Reese and Thomas Kessler ( are happy to answer any inquiries related to the workshop.


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